Orientation guide

Welcome to my on going research project about the Red Caste of Gor. For your own convenience please take a few moments to get your self accustomed with my blog. The website is divided in the following sections:

  • Red Caste an Introduction: Thread includes my personal interpretation of the way the Red Caste of Gor is presented in Norman’s novels and its divided in the following subsections: Ethos and Codes, Structure and Warfare, Training and Heroes.
  • Quotes: Page includes numerous quotes organized in categories for your accurate, by the book, education in the Red Caste of Gor. Categories included: Ethos and Codes, Structure and Warfare and Heroes.
  • Misconceptions: Common false beliefs or online-isms about the Red Caste of Gor.
  • About section: it includes the About me and my study subsection, a Contributors page, a Feedback thread and a brief history of any Updates made so far.

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Update November 28th: Guess i fell behind schedule. Sadly reading Prize of Gor for 2nd time is taking more than expected. First reading took me 11 hours, second research focused reading is taking…much more ( admit i cant stand the book). Additionally my free time has grown short, i even got the flu for the first time in my life 0.o (ya think Prize of Gor did that too?), so im not sure when exactly, my Heroes section will be completed. Good news is i found some interesting quotes about the Red Caste and city defences in Prize of Gor and had an idea to make a thread called Assassins vs Warriors. Hopefully, this first phase of my Red Caste website will be completed before Christmas.


Due to the publication of Prize of Gor, i will not post any more updates until the 27th of November, when the Heroes section is expected to be finished.